Dr. Alexey Y. Timoshkin
Dr.Alexey Y.Timoshkin
Alexey Timoshkin is an Inorganic Chemist. He is actively working both experimentally (tensimetry, calorimetry) and theoretically (applied quantum chemistry). His scientific interests include the thermodynamics of the gas phase reactions at high temperatures, donor-acceptor complexes, and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) processes.
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There are three major ongoing research projects:

1. Experimental and Theoretical studies of the Donor-Acceptor complexes.

Tensimetric and calorimetric methods and high level ab initio computations are performed to study the thermodynamics of the gas phase processes of the complexes of group 13,14,15 element halides with N,O,P-donor ligands. Structural features of the complexes in the solid state are determined by X-ray crystallography.

2. Association reactions in the gas phase and their role in stoichiometry controlled CVD processes.

Quantum chemical modeling of ring and cluster species is used to reveal their potential as single-souce precursors for the Chemical Vapor deposition of 13-15,14-15,13-16,14-16 binary materials.

3. Reactivity of inorganic heterocycles.

Reactivity of "Inorganic benzenes" (borazines, alumazene) is investigated both experimentally and theoretically.

4. Thermal stability of main group metal amidoboranes.

The thermodynamics and kinetics of formation and thermal decomposition of main group metal amidoboranes is studied both experimentally and theoretically.

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Laboratory of the High Temperature Chemistry,
Department of Inorganic Chemistry,
Institute of Chemistry,
St. Petersburg State University,
University pr. 26, Old Peterhoff,
198504 St. Petersburg, Russia
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fax: +7(812)428-6939
e-mail: timoshkn@gmail.com; e-mail: a.y.timoshkin@spbu.ru